As a young boy he suffered from life – threatening illnesses that did not respond to Medical treatment. It was only after his mother discovered natural whole food supplements, and added them to his daily routine,that he recovered his health. That young man is Jerry Brassfield, the Founder of GNLD (Goolden Neo-life Diamite International) At the age of 19, Jerry also pursued his vision of creating the best natural whole-foods supplements in the world , he discovered the power of sharing quality products person-to-person and helping people achieve healthy and active lifestyles. Fifty plus years later, GNLD is the vision.GNLD is proud to have pioneered the delivery of natural nutrients through it’s powerful products that are Clinically proven to be effective by millions of satisfied customers. Clinical studies proving the effectiveness of GNLD products have been published in some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals. Its unique and enduring commitment to scientific excellence has attracted the attention of researchers from the United State Department of Agriculture,Centers for Disease Control,Major Universities,and Respected Scientific Institutions around the World. The GNLD opportunity is currently available to millions of people across more than 50 Countries around the World:has changed thousands of lives -allowed millions to enjoy Optimal health with active lifestyle and realise their dreams through its cutting edge nutrition,nutrient-based skin care,and eco-friendly home care and farm products. We invite you to experience the power of GNLD Products,and share them with all those you care about.GNLD’s mission today, is to create health and prosperity around the world,and make positive difference in the lives of people who seek Optimal health and well-being evertwhere. IMPACT YOUR LIFE TODAY! CALL:+2348036803463


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