As we all know, no machine works for 24hours. Likewise, no human being can work for 24hours non- stop. Except we want to decieve ourselves. Obviously,your body requires time to rest in order to recover from stressful events. Therefore,you should:Get enough rest, and sleep. Physical activity allows you to release stress, thereby distracting you from daily worries. Being active (exercise) also helps your body release endorphins (‘happy’ compounds), which increase your feelings of overall wellbeing. Water,they say,is life. We cannot survive for long without it. Even mild dehydration can alter a person’s mood, energy level and ability to think, drink plenty of water. Never replace water with caffeine or alcohol,they can interfere with a good night’s sleep and dehydrate you. Too much sugar can lead to energy crashes and weight gain. Avoiding sweets,sugary foods and sweetened beverages,will be a better option. To keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady, eat small portions of meals and snacks frequently. Eating every 4 or 5 hours is advised, as going without eating for more than 4 to 5hours can leads to headaches,fatigue and low concentration. Protein helps to keep your energy levels steady, and research suggests that,a higher protein meal can help prevent increases in levels of (cortisol), a stress hormone. In other words, choose meals and snacks that include high quality protein as well as carbohydrates.


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